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  1. hi, we are going to Lombok in October and thinking to go to Villa Atas.
    I can see you have been there last year and was wondering if you could give us some advices on the place:
    – is it far from the beach ?
    – were you happy with people and food there ?
    – were the monkeys a problem ?
    – was it quiet area ? not too close from a mosque for example ?
    also we are thinking to Gili Air so you have nice recommendation, I would be interested.
    Many thanks in advance for your feedback
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Romarin,
      first let me apologize for a late reply, but things have been crazy since we come from Philippines, with Svit starting school and all. Regarding Lombok Villa Atas, you can’t go wrong with choosing it. It’s about 5-10 min walk down the hill to one of the most beautiful beaches we have seen (Selong Belanak). Plus you have a greta infinity pool if you don’t feel like walking for a swim. We loved the staff and the people on Lombok in general plus food was great too. Area is quiet and you will be left with nothig else then great views over the bay at night. Since we were there during month of Ramadan we could hear praying from the Mosque but nothing more that elsver in Muslim countries. But it wasn’t too lound and kids were always sleeping all through it. so no problem.
      About Gilis…if you are looking for partying then Trawangan will bethe obvious choice. Air is somewhere in the middle in regards Meno beeing the most quiet of the three. Over all, Air would be a great choice.
      I hope I’ve answered your questions but if you have some more, feel free to ask.
      Stay safe and travel!

  2. Hey Guys – I follow you on IG and love your account. I have just been nominated for the Liebster Award and wanted to nominate you guys. Is that something you would be interested in?

    I am a family blogger so want to try and showcase lots of family blogs in my nominations.

    Here is a link for more info about the award –

    Let me know if you are interested and I can send you further info.

    Thanks so much


  3. Hi, we aro going to Philipinnes on 17th july 2017. Any advices and how about the weather, you were both times in july, was it ok?

    1. Hi Alenka,

      It all depends where will you go:) We have lots of luck both years. First time we arrived on Cebu just two days after tropical storm which brought lots of rain has ended and last year on Palawan we were couple of weeks earlier before the bad weather started. Regarding Siargao it’s their top season in July. Anyway…just don’t think too much about the weather since it always works out😃

  4. Pozdravljeni!
    Na spletni strani sem prebrala vaše zapise s potovanja po Filipinih. Vem, da je tega že nekaj časa, me pa vseeno zanima ali mi lahko pomagate pri nekaterih vprašanjih. In sicer me zanima ali so noči v mesecu juliju/avgustu mrzle? Ker sem zasledila, da ste šli s katamaranom na otoček Siquijor in zapisali…”saj je bila klima, tako kot povsod v Aziji, blizu ledišča”. Je to mišljena klima na katamaranu ali pač ponoči?

    Imate mogoče kakšno imformacijo glede trekinga na riževa polja? Ne vem ali je primeren za “srednje utrjena”, vendar vztrajna in navdušena nad potovanji 8 in 10 letnika.

    Hvala za vaš čas,
    Alenka Groboljšek

    1. Pozdravljena Alenka,

      Najprej opravičilo za pozen odgovor, z ženo sva se namreč malo sama potepala naokoli:)) Glede Filipinov je pa tako, da je vsaj v krajih, kjer smo bili mi, takrat top sezona in temperature so temu primerne. Ponoči boste morali spati s prižgano klimo, ker so tudi noči vroče, morje pa ima med 28-30 stopinj. Glede temperatur blizu ledišča pa sem izrazil malo bolj slikovito, kajti na katamaranih in nočnih avtobusih v Aziji res ne “šparajo” s klimo, tako da so majice z dolgimi rokavi/trenirka s kapuco nujne za otroke, prav tako pa odraslim ne bo škodil kak sarong. Glede riževih polj pa je tako, da se najbolj znana riževa polja na Filipinih nahajo v Luzon regiji, blizu Manile, kjer pa je v tem času ravno deževno obdobje, tako da… Svetujem vam, pogledate malo na tej povezavi glede regij in vremena, če vas pa še kar koli zanima pa na plan z vprašanji.

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